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Zhang Wei

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Name: Zhang Wei Titles:
University: Wuhan University Degree: Doctor
Major: Sociology Research direction: Sociology of Development, Sectors of Society,
Social Policies
Contact: Email:

Thesis writing:

1、The establishment and perfection of the United Front Departments involved in the prevention and treatment mechanism of sudden social events -- a case study in Jiangsu Province,
Journal of the Central Institute of socialism,2010.03
2、The problems and Countermeasures of the socialization of the aged care service in China -- Based on the thinking of the local old age service,Discussion on Modern Economy,2010.05
3、Several issues on the study of new social organizations,Journal of South-Central University For Nationalities (Humanities and  Social Science Edition),2010,05
4、Establish a Performance Evaluation System Based on the Service Oriented Government,
5、Chinese Pension Service Socialization: Background, Problems and Countermeasures,
The theory and practice of the study of aging--Jiangsu province aging research papers,2011.12
6、The development and reform of social organization in China under the background of social management innovation,Journal of South-Central University For Nationalities (Humanities and  Social Science Edition),2012.2
7、The development trend of the new social stratum in our country and the improvement of the policy,Journal of Jiangsu Institute of socialism,2012.2
8、Research on the participation of social organizations in community management and service under the perspective of multi center theory,Reality Only,2012.3
9、Research on the United Front under the background of social management innovation,
Jianghai Academic Journal,2012.6
10、Population modernization is the key point of the modernization of the region -- Jiangning District, Nanjing City, the first to carry out the study of population modernization,Population and Family planning,2012.7
11、Collaborative governance: the model choice of the construction of social credit system in China,Social Sciences in Nanjing,2012.12
12、Constructing the long term mechanism of ecological civilization construction,Masses,
13、Urban community governance from the perspective of community conflict,,Reality Only,
14、Research on the obstacles and Countermeasures of the orderly transfer of agricultural population to the population -- a case study of Jiangsu,Modern Economic Research,
15、To establish harmonious labor relations from the negotiation mechanism, Chinese Journal of Social Science,2014.11
16、Research on the model of community governance in China under the background of new urbanization,Proceedings of the Eighth Academic Conference of Jiangsu Province, 2014.11
17、A study on the behavior of the belief in the land of the rural residents -- Based on the investigation of L village in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province,Journal of Jiangsu Institute of socialism,2016,3
18、Occupational mobility and its influencing factors of free choosing profession -- Taking Jiangsu Province as an example,Journal of Jiangsu Normal University,2015.4
19、Current "labor shortage": the change of population structure and economic structure transformation of early warning,Modern Economic Research,2015.6
20、The development of Cultural Undertakings and the Construction of Cultural Province,1998
21、Development and Countermeasures of Community Service,1999
22、Development and Countermeasures of Community Construction in Jiangsu,2000
23、Development Trend and Strategic
Countermeasures of Community Construction,
24、The Basic Situation and Development Countermeasures of Community Construction,
25、Research on the organization and system innovation of urban community construction in Jiangsu,2003
26、Cultural China -- the Construction and Innovation of Advanced Culture,2004
27、New Social Class and United Front,2006
28、The Political Participation of the New Social Class,2007
29、The Harmonious Relationship between Social Classes,2008
30、Social Class Research Journal in 2008,2008
31、The Social Responsibility of The New Social Class,2009
32、New Social Organization and United Front,
33、Free-career Intellectuals and The United Front,2012
34、A Study on The Religious Belief of The New Social Class,2014
35、The Changes of The Social Class Structure and The United Front,2015

Research projects:

1、"95" social science planning project "Jiangsu province social science team input mechanism research",1998
2、Nanjing soft science and technology project of "Nanjing city" university industry (Research) "countermeasure research" ,1998
3、Nanjing soft science and technology project of  "Study on the Countermeasures of rural social security system in Yuhuatai District",1999
4、Nanjing soft science and technology project of "Study on The Countermeasures of Population Aging in Nanjing City" ,2000
5、The Organization and System Innovation of Jiangsu Urban Community Construction in the national "95" social science program "youth project",2000-2003
6、Nanjing soft science and technology project of "Research on The Operation Effect of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Laws and Regulations" ,2001
7、Strategic Research on the Harmonious Development of Jiangsu Culture and Economy in the Process of Modernization,2002

Honor Award:

Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award;
Director, Institute of sociology, Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences;
Jiangsu Province, The third levels of training objects in "333 project" ;
Jiangsu provincial committee decision-making expert;
The Secretary General of the central United Front Work Department of new social strata in Jiangsu research base;
Executive director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;
Director of the China United Front Theory Research Association;
Executive director and Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu society of Sociology;
Executive director of Community Development Research Association of Jiangsu Province;
Vice president of Nanjing society of Sociology.


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